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Military rant

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I was in the Army Reserve for 8 years. I got out an E-5 or sergeant. I've always thought about going to college but didn't attend because I was busy with work and the military and just life in general(growing up with little to no money I just felt I couldn't have the same opportunities as others). I now have time to attend college after departing from the military. Now that I need to use the GI Bill and have been patiently waiting too. I find out that I don't have it. I've wasted 8 years in the military only for the military to tell me I could ONLY use it while in the military. Why do they not tell you things like this? I am so fucking mad . The only reason I joined was because of free school money(again coming from a family with little to nothing)and to serve. The best part is the fucking military didn't bother to tell me that I can't use it once I get out. I am so mad and full of rage , I don't want to join for another 6 years just to use what was promised to me . I don't get why they didn't bother to let me know. I'm heartbroken knowing that I will have to take out a student loan when at one point this would of been avoidable. I was going to attend a Cyber Security School for Veterans in 2 weeks and I was so excited! Just excited about that for the next 7 months I will be getting paid over 3,000 a month to gain an amazing skill set that will help land me a great rewarding career. The technical school would have been paid by the GI Bill, also would of paid for college. But now it seems i can't attend because i have no funding . I feel so bummed out to the point of tears. This isn't fair and I hate it, I hate myself for not being informed, even though it wasn't my fault . I feel I let my parents down. I feel I let everyone down. I found out what I finallly wanted to do and pursue in life and now it's just a dream ,maybe I shouldn't be able to have . To all Reservists or Gaurd , just know that apparently you GI Bill is only applicable while drilling.

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