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Most implausible attempts at claiming discrimination, EO complaints?

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I post this at the risk of getting some chuds kvetching about women and minorities in the military in general, but there are plenty of legit cases of people who (ignorantly or maliciously) attempt to leverage discrimination protections to excuse their own incompetence.

"SSgt López" was an American immigrant from Ecuador, and chief of an M198 howiter in a six-gun Marine artillery battery. We were in the invasion of Iraq in April 2003, and the leadership noted that every single time the battery was ordered to unhitch the guns and emplace, López's gun was last every single time. Ditto for hitching up and rolling out, being ready for fire missions, etc.

There can be a lot of factors for that, so they took López's whole howitzer crew and spread then around the battery, and gave him a new crew formed of guys taken off other guns, ensuring the senior guys were strong performers. No change, López's gun was always last to be ready. So they shrugged and relieved him of his billet, gave him a generic "keeping the camp in order" managerial job. And when the new NCO stepped in, that same gun suddenly started performing at average or better.

López decided, as soon as the fighting died down, to run to regiment and allege he'd been unfairly relieved of his job because he's Hispanic. Regimental staff did a small investigation and concluded "so you're saying that your battery commander, whose parents are from El Salvador, and your battery XO, whose parents are from Vietnam, and your battery Top, who is a federally certified EO officer, conspired to fire you for being Hispanic... and replaced you with another Hispanic NCO? Nope, you just suck."

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