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My Marine cousin is about to lose everything in a divorce and he’s gone AWOL (figuratively)

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I just need some advice from current or past Marines on how to help out my cousin.

My cousin (let’s just call him C) is a Marine and is stationed in North Carolina. We grew up in the same city and he was like a big brother to me. After he got out of school he had some office job for an insurance company but wasn’t really happy with it. He was always extremely patriotic and wanted to do more. He quit after a year and immediately joined the Marines. After 7 years he is now a Captain and extremely proud of himself for getting there.

We lost touch after he joined but that’s just the way things are, up to about 3 months ago we would text and call regularly.

While he is proud of his work life, his personal life is a mess. His mom (my aunt) moved out to North Carolina in the city near his base and got a job as a nurse. He got pressured into marrying a woman by his mother and the mother in law. The two mothers met in church out in North Carolina and decided their kids should marry. C didn’t really want to marry but his mom kept saying she wanted grandkids. The whole thing was awkward as can be. Fast forward and now he is 30 with two daughters.

Unfortunately the wife wants a divorce now because he doesn’t spend enough time with the family according her. Like I said, he’s a Captain in the Marines so his work takes up a lot of time but it’s important work. She’s moved out with the kids and he’s left at home with the dog. The mother in law is being extremely manipulative and basically telling his wife what to do during all this. The mother in law is only letting him see the kids every other week.

I only found out about it this week but this has been going on for 3 months. He isn’t returning anyone’s texts or calls, the only person he is staying in touch with is his mom. His mom is trying to play the victim which is typical of her. It’s pain in the ass trying to talk to her about any of this. She also cut off the mother in law so no one is communicating.

I don’t know what to do, like I said, he was basically an older brother to me. The only way to talk to him is through his mom. I just hope the Marine community is a supportive one and he has support from his fellow soldiers. I wish he would have stuck to his principles, but now that there’s kids involved the whole situation is just awful.

Any Marines in this subreddit have any advice? I don’t know what the culture is like so I don’t know how he’s handling all this.

TL;DR my Marine cousin is getting a divorce and can barely see his kids. He isn’t talking to anyone but his annoying mom, I don’t know what to do.

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