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National Guard vs army reserve housing

Posted by /u/Naticbee on

So after my life went to shit and I couldn't pay for college before I even got there and was on the verge of being homeless I decided to join the military. I thought about joining the marines, but college is still my biggest goal. I've found a stable place to live for now. So I'd like to get to the military as soon as possible. College benefits I think is a big one, but I've been able to find good info on it. My main concern is housing, Basically I need a place to live after boot camp. I haven't been able to find that much national guard/reserve, and active pretty much gives me a place to live which is great but if at all possible I'd like to go to college, otherwise I'd join the marines.

Which offers the greatest housing benefits? Kinda need a place to live after boot camp. I think having a place to live is my biggest concern, if going active is my best chance then I don't have a choice, but I don't want my biggest reason for going active is having place to live. If anyone knows more about how it works too that'd be great.

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