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Navy vs Airforce? I CANT DECIDE!!!!

Posted by /u/spoodershan on

All my life I wanted to get as close to the sky/space as possible, and thats why I want to become a fighter pilot. The problem is I have no clue where I wanted to go.

At first I wanted to join the Air Force, because they have all the new fancy jets, but I have no clue about their optempo and how much they actually fly. Then I heard about how they were the” least military experience” which confused me because I didn’t know what that meant.

Then I looked in to see that the navy has fighter pilots too, but less fancier jets than the air force. From what I know, you spend a lot of time near the sea, and I want to personally conquer my fear of the sea. Also I have a cousin who served in the Navy.

My long term goals are to become an astronaut, which requires me to fly alot, but I also want to serve the U.S to the best of my ability. Can you guys let me know which branch would be the best for me, in terms of how much each gets to fly, quality of life, quantity of travel.

I plan on seeing a recruiter as I am about to graduate highschool, Im considering ROTC too.

Thank you.

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