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Need advice on what to join

Posted by /u/iwillremaincalm on

I am looking into joining the military but have no where to start and have no idea about any of them, just being honest.

Few points:

I recently immigrated here from England after getting married to a U.S Citizen and I now have a green card and I've checked and I am allowed to join the military as an immigrant. I wanted to be a Police Officer but you have to be a Citizen...

I am 23 years old with a wife and a stepdaughter

I live in North Carolina, Raleigh area

Physically fit, in shape and looking for a role I can fulfill where I don't have to be away from family for long periods of time (up to a month is fine)... and where it pays fairly well (this is my main reason for joining) I would accept anything above $30,000...

I have a degree in Sport Science from an English university.

Can anyone recommend any roles for me as a new immigrant to this fantastic country?

Thank you

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