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Need advice: US Army dwell time for single soldiers / options to delay a deployment

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I have put myself in a very complicated situation. I'm a non US citizen but in the US Army. My citizenship paperwork has been on hold since I went on leave for injury in BCT. My first duty station was Korea where I met my girlfriend, who is a Thai citizen. One thing lead to another and she got preggers. I looked into marriage over there but it's so complicated that it's nearly impossible. And she also had to return to Thailand after a few months for healthcare. Fast forward to recently, I am now stationed back in the US but she hasn't been able to come here (she does have a tourist visa) because of being too far along. The baby was born on Friday and would normally be able to fly in just a couple weeks but she had a few complications during the pregnancy and the doctors want to check on the baby for a couple months. This is where the trouble lies. No one knows if I do have dwell time since I was a single soldier in korea. My erb says 25 months because it started dwell time since day one of reception at bct. I have orders to deploy in october which does not leave enough time to get my girlfriend and baby here to get married, do paperwork, bah, etc etc. I cant leave her in Thailand until I come back. She cant work, her mother is a psycho and will kick her out asap, and I cannot support a person and a child with single PFC money. I made an appointment with legal but I'm hoping someone can gave any advice on what can be done. I'm not trying to dodge a deployment, just go late so I can get my house in order. Only options I've seen online are flex dwell time (that I may not have), appeal to my commander, or request a hardship seperation for the health and safety of the baby.

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