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Hello there, sorry to be bothering you all with the following questions, but I am looking to get some help. I want to join the USMC, and as I was reading the requirements - some reqs were clear to me, others not so much and I can't get enough information no matter where I search. I tried to get in touch with recruiters but I can't properly register on Web pages because I do not live in the US and can't write zip codes and addresses I don't live in. I am not a US citizen, and I don't live in the US. I know I need to have a Green Card in order to be able to enlist, and I will be working on that. My questions will be the following: 1. Are there any tests I need to take in order to get into boot camp? I read about ASVAB, but I still don't get whether it's BEFORE boot camp or AFTER? Are physical tests after boot camp? Sort of like 4 pull ups minimum in the French Foreign Legion before you can even set foot in their training center? 2. What documents do I need to join the USMC? (as I said, can't find any answers) 3. Where can I actually talk to recruiters before setting off to the USA? 4. What are some of the things I should bring with me which are not related to documentation? 5. What should I know about this "dream" I have so to speak?

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