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Path to Becoming Fighter Pilot?

Posted by /u/bonbroz on

Hi, I didn't know where else to ask this so I am going to post here in the hopes that someone can help me figure it out.

I am an 18-year-old male currently taking classes at a small university while living at home and taking a ground school class and doing flight training to get my private pilot's license because I've flown and very much enjoy doing it and wanted to look into aviation as a career. I know that the airlines are desperate for pilots right now and it would be a great idea, but I can't shake the dream of wanting to be a fighter pilot/fly military aircraft. Problem is, I don't really know how to go about getting into the whole thing. There is an Air National Guard Fighter Wing here that flies A-10Cs. Would contacting them with questions help me? I'm interested in basically flying any military aircraft I can, but the idea of flying F-16s and similar aircraft really piques my interest. I know that the Fighter Wing here will also pay for any schooling I do if I do get employed by the fighter wing. Would going to school while working there while trying to get a pilot slot be the best course to take?

Would the Air National Guard Fighter Wing be a good way to get into flying active duty for the Air Force or would I stay with the Fighter Wing here? Is there room to move up to active duty Air Force and fly other types of aircraft or should I try another route? The university I plan to transfer to has an Air Force ROTC program but I've heard mixed things with pilot slots and the ROTC so I would probably need to gather more info about the ROTC.

For any Air National Guard Airmen that might see this:

Is the pay enough to support myself? How often do you fly? What type of aircraft? Do you plan on trying to move to active duty Air Force (if possible)?

This was a lot to unload in one sitting. If I overlooked any pathways or made any mistakes in anything I said please let me know.

Thank you to anyone who offers guidance.

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