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So I currently am about to join the United States army at 23 going on 24. I have everything going for me right now. Something me and my brother brought up awhile ago was politics in general.

Me and him never really grew up listening to politics or just getting into them at all. The most we ever do as far as that subject goes is we watch who is going to he president for the next for years. After that we might just see some topics on Twitter or social media talking about politics.

The discussion I wanted to talk about was is it weird for people like me or other people joining the military without really keeping up with politics? I'm going to keep it real. I want to serve my country but I also need to get my life together. Start and finish college by getting a degree while working along side the military.

I really don't think about this often but wanted to ask or talk to you guys to see how you view politics in joining thr military. Do you join just for the benefits/college/ etc.. Or do you join bc you hear all these things on TV, social media?

It's actually a weird discussion but just wanted to see how you guys view things like this.

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