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Poll: who would win? East Asia + Romance Language Europe + Israel VS. Russia + India + Pakistan + Germanic Europe

Posted by /u/Shlomo_Maistre on

Team A (East Asia + ~Romance Language Europe + Israel):

China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Israel

Team B (Russia + India + Pakistan + ~Germanic Europe):

Russia, India, Pakistan, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway


  1. Takes place today in 2019
  2. No nukes
  3. I know that various countries could arguably be added to a team above or removed from a team above based on my descriptions of each team. Please go by the actual countries listed above.
  4. No alliances are honored that would violate the teams set above.
  5. I know that this would never happen IRL for various reasons including diplomatic and political reasons; but please ignore the reality that this would never happen and just assume it happens for the sake of the hypothetical.
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