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Publishing questionable books and TS clearance

Posted by /u/light-of-a-1000-suns on

I sent my new novel to several (like 45+) publishers. It was pretty tough finding someone who either didn't think it sucked or that it was "not the kind of content [they] will endorse" (usually both). Well, one finally decided to give it a chance and I am excited. However, one thing I didn't think of was how it would affect my TS clearance when I switch jobs.

The book is pretty explicit, it's basically about a mentally challenged teenage prostitute and where many things happen. I am publishing it under a pseudonym and pseudo-fake biography where I do not mention my military background. If it starts to get some money, I am sure it will appear on my tax returns as well and be found during the TS investigation.

I am worried that TS people will find it and ask me about my demons in the interview, and then conclude that I am messed up in the head.

My leadership doesn't know I am publishing the book either, because this was something I was working on way before the military. I also don't want them to know I wrote such a thing. They don't even know I write.

Hope I get some advice soon, and if the questions at the interview are inevitable, how to brace for it.

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