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Question about re enlisting (navy)

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Hey guys I have a few questions. I’m prior service navy. Did 4 years active. Currently I’m working for a Police department. Have thought about going back into the navy and doing the reserves. So I went to speak with a recruiter last week and it seems as if he just started pushing me in without any kind of real guidance. What are the different contract lengths? Any kind of sign on bonuses? So anyway he started trying to push me in Friday when I saw him and he already scheduled me for meps this week. Which I told him to wait because I had to see if I could get the day off from work. My supervisor said he’s down manpower and he needs me in. So I tried explaining this to the recruiter he doesn’t seem to care much. He even got his chief to call me and try to persuade me. Telling me that if I don’t go this week my job won’t be there all sorts of stuff. All I wanted to do was schedule meps for next week Thursday or Friday. Am i getting screwed with here?

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