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Question about selling commercial items to the military

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Hi, this question is directed towards anyone who might have had experience purchasing commercial items from civilian companies through the Simplified Acquisitions Process (SAP). The company I work for sells products for firearms cleaning and lubrication, and we are interested in doing business with the military. I've been doing a lot of research on various methods of selling, including micro-purchases, SAP, and getting awarded an MAS. I think the SAP is the best way for us to go, but there is a key step here I want to make sure I get right.

Is it the case that we could make a contact with a Contracting Officer (CO), interest this individual in our product, and ask them to order it through the SAP, without having had to complete any sort of approval or ratings process beforehand the way you do through an MAS? After all the reading I've done that seems to be the case, but I want to make sure I'm not leaving out something really obvious.

Thanks for your time.

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