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Question for soldiers about reloading.

Posted by /u/Bonk1600 on

I know how stupid and silly the question is and it probably sounds like I play too much games but this question has really bugged me.

If you found yourself in a firefight would you only reload once you have nothing left in the magazine or would you occasionally reload before necessarily emptying a magazine.

From videos of combat I've seen it seems as if most firefights are fought at massive ranges where soldiers seem to be more shooting at a place or direction they know the enemy is at without always necessarily waiting to fire once they actively see someone. For this reason I can't imagine reloading before emptying a magazine is something people would do as there doesn't seem to be many cases where soldiers find themselves in a position where they quickly need to put up a lot of firepower in a tight amount of time.

Then again I'm a dumbass with no experience. Berate me if I'm wrong.

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