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Really want to be a pilot but i’m in a very weird situation. Any advice?

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So i’m currently a 22 year old civilian and really want to enlist and become a helicopter pilot.

Here’s where it gets weird. So when I was 17 I got hit with a marijuana possession charge, and when I was 19 I got a paraphernalia charge. The charge I got when I was 17 was taken off my public record. I went to a recruiter last year and told him about those charges, and after they finger printed me that was the end of the road.

Earlier this week I got a text from a different recruiter and he said I could possibly get a waiver. So we went through the whole process again, but this time my record came back completely clean. Me, the recruiter, and his superior have all had our minds blown by this, and they basically said I could move forward but I basically have to lie at meps is what they said.

I really want to be a pilot and according to the recruiter the only thing stopping me from dropping a woft packet is that the security clearance i’d have to get would be more thorough in the background check and I would most likely be disqualified. What would you guys do?

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