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Should I stick with Infantry?

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Hey guys, I’ve been thinking recently about the MOS I chose, which is Infantry in the USMC. I’ve been a poolee since April of 2019 and enlisted for the reserves, scheduled to ship Nov 4th. I chose infantry for pretty much the same reasons other people want it. I’ve signed an MOS contract already when I was being placed on standby, but have not done the 10 day recertification. As for my civilian life, I’m setting up for a college application to study to become a surgically tech, and possibly a surgical assistant in the future. I know the USMC doesn’t have any MOS in relation to the medical field, so this kind of started worrying me. I was reading how some veterans couldn’t find work because they were infantry, so it made me think that professionally, my studies would be the beneficial part of my resume. Are there any other MOS that could relate to my plans in life? I spoke to my recruiter and he said I could have this changed. He also gave me a small list of MOS for reserve units in my city, but they were Field Radio Operator, Food Service Specialist, and Recon. Not that I don’t have respect for those MOS, it just doesn’t transfer to my civilian job. Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments.

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