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Should I still work out if I have a minor case of pneumonia?

Posted by /u/willthorton on

Hey everyone, brand new Marine here. I've just graduated from MCRD Parris Island, and I'm currently on my 10 days of leave (with about a week left). I've been going out for a run every morning upon returning home because I want to stay physically fit for MCT. Unfortunately, after a doctor's visit yesterday, the doctor told me that I had a minor case of pneumonia that I contracted at Recruit Training. He prescribed me an antibiotic and some cough syrup, and I think it's working. I want to work out on this brief period of leave time to keep myself in shape, but I also want to be as healthy, and as medically sound as possible, and I'm wondering if working out would worsen the pneumonia. I don't wanna be hacking up a lung at MCT. So basically, should I rest during my leave time, or continue with my morning runs?

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