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Special Forces Preparation?

Posted by /u/_BlueX__ on

About me: 17 Years old, in highschool but looking for a decent career without going to college.

Im thinking about doing Special forces, probably special reconnaissance in the air force. Im not the most athletic but I have the motivation to do training programs to prepare myself. I have downloaded 2 pdf training programs, one off the air force website and one from a website I dont remember.

Looking for advice on how to mentally prepare for the pipeline/Indoc as well as where did some of you go to do swim training, the closest place for me is the ymca but it's fairly expensive and I would like to find a free pool. (South eastern wisconsin area)

I would also like to know if I even can do Special forces considering I need glasses (20/400 uncorrected, not sure about corrected) and I have allergies which I just take generic allegra as well as montelukast and I do get allergy shots but they are not required.

tl;dr-How do I mentally prepare for special forces, any free pools in southeastern wisconsin, can i have glasses in special forces, can i have allergies?

Thanks in advance!

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