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Swiss army : Militia => Every citizen is a soldier, the biggest army in Europe.

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If you didn't know the Swiss army is a militia

Each Male citizen which reachs 18 years old (majority in europe) is sent to be a recruit.

When you become a recruit you'll make 3 month training adapted to your affectation after this you'll make 2 months of practice. Then during the rest of your life you must go a month per year train and refresh what you learned. It is mandatory the objective is to make 7 months of training (so you'll have to make one month during 7 years).

If you want the army lets you make directly 12 months of service and you'll never have to come back. however not every affectation allows it.

If you don't accept to be a milician then you'll have to pay a fee which is around 4% of your annual salary each year until your 35 years to the state.

If you are bilionnaire or milionaire you better go make your army like every citizen. Because of that you see many social classes forming bounds and it helps to assure social cohesion in the country. Rich men learn to respect others. Moreover because you can have CEOs in your ranks many people which are unemployed can find jobs through the army.

Then you are affected in different areas :

Infantryman, Grenadier (Elite troops), Urban fight armoured division, Armoured division, Artillery, Mountain Fortress soldier, Air forces, etc.

The Swiss army helps young people to become integrated socialy and to be disciplined.

Each swiss citizen has its own equipement at home and its SIG 550 with him. He can choose to leave it at home or in an arsenal.

The SIG 550 has a small calliber 5.56×45mm cartridge. however it is extremely accurate. Enough accuracy to have been ban in the US during many years. The Swiss army would use explosive bullets during war periods that's another reason for the caliber choice.

During our first training at shooting at 300 meters no one missed its first shot everyone hit the target. This was a little bit shocking because we thought that a young child could literaly hit a target at 300 meters with the SIG 550 if he knew how to aim a firearm.

You have to know that the swiss army is mainly a defensive army. Our objective in war times would be to close our borders and every foreigner ally or ennemy which would enter switzerland would be attacked because of our concept of neutrality no one is allowed inside the country.

The swiss army is mainly a defensive army. We have many fortresses and underground bases in the mountains. Moreover each civilian house and appartement each building has its own nuclear shelter which can be used during war times.

Despite swiss soldiers not being professional, the Swiss army can mobilize 125'000 men in 24h and 250'000 men in 48h which makes it the biggest army in europe. However after the recent reforms we will reduce numbers to 125'000.

Swiss are masters of camouflage they have many building seeming to be civilian buildings however those are militar outposts, boomkers or even hidden pieces of artillery in the middle of a village or in a city. Our country is full of military installations in places you'll never imagine possible to be.

Each installation is maintained and is secret. Sometimes you see what seem to be abandonned buildings but those can be military fortresses or installations.

If you enter switzerland by ground you'll get a lot of casualties because our country is a massive fortress. Hitler decided to avoid switzerland because of this and because he knew that every swiss citizen were soldiers and had the reputation to be deadly accurate with firearms. The swiss army is an old tradition maintained by its citizens.

However the swiss army is a lot of fun too :

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