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"Tactical Shoes" for walking or running.

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I'm looking for a good pair of shoes that'll last awhile. This summer I've started walking ~2 hours each day in an effort to get healthier, but in just doing this I've nearly burned through 3 pairs of shoes in just a few months. One was from Walmart and the tread simply fell off, the other (FILA) was good quality but the treading was rubber so just wore off before I knew it, and I'm down to my last pair which is a quality shoe but was beat to shit and smooth on the bottom even before I started exercising.

So I'm looking into a good pair of athletic or hiking shoes for mostly walking but intermittent running, and a friend suggested that hiking shoes used by military personnel might be a good idea since they are expected to walk long distances with heavy gear, so by that logic the shoes must hold up. So I'm here asking is it a good idea to order a pair of "tactical" hiking shoes as opposed to regular hiking shoes? And this is more of a general fitness question, but what's about running shoes vs hiking shoes?

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