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Those Who Went from Enlisted to Officer What are Some Little Cultural Differences You have Noticed?

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I'm not sure if this is the correct subreddit to ask this question. I'm a college civilian, hoping to get a pilot slot with the Air Force, Air National Guard or Army. I've never enlisted. However, from my enlisted friends I've heard a lot of things that are considered part of the enlisted culture. Like in the US military is common for many low-tier (is that the correct term?) to get married young and spend their signing bonus as a down payment on a new Charger, Mustang or WRX with extremely high interested rates.

I've always heard the broke enlisted stereotype from friends. The enlisted man who despite having virtually no expenses, is also broke because he blows his money on alcohol and strippers every week. Then he always complains he doesn't have any money.

Or many enlisted come from lower middle class backgrounds.

I've also heard the "boot" stereotype as well.

Usually these conversations come up in my beer-league hockey team (lot's of active duty) and my MSBL team (also lots of active duty). All of them are enlisted and I don't know any officers.

The only officer stereotype I've heard at least among Air Force pilots is the hot girlfriend stereotype aka "If she ain't at least an 8, she don't rate." My enlisted friends told me this one.

Some of my enlisted friends have insisted that all Officers are rich and come from wealthy backgrounds.

Those who are officers what are some little cultural things you noticed about your peers? Do junior officers marry their college sweet hearts right out of ROTC?

Those who went from enlisted to officer what are some differences in cultural you have noticed.

Also though I am American, I know military servicemen from around the world use this subreddit. So if you are from the UK, Canada, France, Germany, etc. Comment too.

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