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To the men and women who have been in combat/firefights (whether oversea or in the US with law enforcement, gov, etc.) --What is it like when you are in combat & or when you know you are about to go into combat? As far as adrenaline, your nerves, do th...

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I want to know how your body reacts to the danger/ fear of being in combat.

-----Does your adrenaline always spike or have you gotten used to it over time and it doesn't happen as much anymore?

---How did you react the first time?

---Does things speed up or slow down when the fighting starts?

--- Do your senese seem better than usual (I've heard this can happen)?

---how long does it take your body to relax after or how long are you tensed up with adrenaline?

--how did you react emtoinally during and afterwards?

Stuff like that, how do you/ your body handle combat?

I've never been in combat, though I was in the army national guard for a few years. What I was told form the guys that deployed was that the first time guys are shot at they either

---- get into the fetal position on the ground

------- or their training kicks in like muscle memory and theid body just moves before their mind can fully comprenend it. Some guys would say they don't even really remember moving or something like that.

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