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To those currently serving for the United States Military, what do you think about the civilian protesters or reporters at home (U.S.) who are “risking their lives?”

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I’m only asking this because a saw a few videos on YouTube where some protesters (on the left wing) were saying how they were “sacrificing their life to protest for LGBTQQIAAP rights” and how they “were at risk of death for protesting,” and many things similar. It really had me baffled, because I knew that if I were a veteran, or even someone currently serving, and I heard a protester say that, I would be thinking “who are the ones who’s sacrificing their lives for your right to protest?” I’m all about the 1st amendment, all the way. I support the right to assemble and protest, even though I don’t agree with what’s being protested. But for a civilian who “risks their life protesting” is such a stretch, considering they’re the ones who can go home and comfortably post on Twitter and social media about what they’re doing... Freely.

I think this post is made more out of agitation, so I do apologize if it’s all over, or not allowed. When D. Trump first was inaugurated to become our 45th President Of The United States, there have been too many protests. I remember when a CNN anchor went to a Trump rally to report, and he said “he felt like his life was in danger.” Of what? A couple hundred Trump supporters at a rally? We aren’t in a fascist state like many in the media make it out to be.

I personally feel that those who can say “I’m risking my life doing this / being here” are the ones who are actively serving our country, or are a civilian who is doing a high risk job protecting the public or serving somehow. Not some protester who is amped with emotion and mostly illogical thinking. Journalists aren’t risking their lives to report a story, and protesters aren’t risking their lives to voice their opinion. What are your thoughts and opinions?

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