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Trouble readjusting to normal life

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I joined the Army Reserve right out of high school, and enlisted as a 68A biomedical equipment Specialist. My total time in IET was 13 months, which probably to some on this sub doesn’t seem like very much, but as an 18 year old turned 19 year old, it was quite a fair amount of time to be away from home. I suppose that I was sort of hoping that everything would return to normal when I came home. But since I’ve been back, it just seems that everything is so different. Obviously, I’m somewhat of a different person now. My family has been finding it difficult to get used to that, and all of my friends that I graduated with have moved on. They’re either in college, or working a long way from the town that we all grew up in. It’s been very lonely, and very strange. I don’t seem to relate to anyone now. It’s as if I didn’t notice my transition from kid to adult, and am suddenly faced with the realization that my life is now different and never will be what it once was. I’ve heard this is somewhat of a common phenomenon, anyone with experience or advice on the subject?

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