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Want to Marry a Foreign National. What is The Fastest Way???

Posted by /u/Grenoir on

Hello, I`m a junior NCO in the Army and am currently deployed to Poland. I met a girl from Ukraine (I`m originally from Ukraine) here in Poland. We have been dating for 3 months now. I am 26 and definitely feel like she is the one.

She is living in Poland and cant just go to the States and I can`t marry her here in the time left during my deployment (takes months). I am currently thinking about either helping her with getting a tourist visa to come to US and then marry her OR try and get her a fiancee Visa. I have only a year left in service and I am not reenlisting. However, I would like her to move to the States during this last year.

I am looking for advice from someone who has experience in such matters. Anything would help, thank you! There is no legal on the base I am currently on just FYI.

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