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was looking for advice on if anyone else had not found a bullet inside them years later?

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in 2014 i got shot in Afghan and fucked my knee up i was hit it turns out 3 times only one of the rounds didn't seem to leave any wound

any way i had surgery and psychical therapy and still gave the military a go (not America) for another 4 years and left last year because my knee was no longer up to task but i developed a "pinched nerve" in my shoulder and got vertigo from it i did physio for that and it lessened it but i had to stop going because i could not afford it just left it at pinched nerve because we used to use a pack that was banned around 2016 because it was known to cause nerve damage in the shoulder

cut to now (few months later) i had neck issues but they went from 0-100 when i went to reach something and my neck just became intensely painful and my arm stopped working i managed to get it working again but it had tingling and was still numb so i went to the ER

i told them the story thinking they would just inject me with some muscle relaxants and then tell me to return to the physio but they took an X ray (and were going to do an MRI) when they informed me i have a bullet lodged in my neck it seems to be 5.56 too

after explaining how it would have got there i asked if i should remove it and the doctor said its too close to the nerve for surgeons to probably be comfortable taking it out so ive been given two options

  1. take the powerful muscle relaxants and if the tingling doesn't stop to return for emergency surgery (it has stopped past half hour still in pain though)
  2. show the x ray to the physio and ask them to try and physically push the bullet around to be out of the way

has anyone else delt with something like this before? i don't know if i should be leaving it or insisting its removed or what the bullet seems to be the thing actually pressing on my nerves

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