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I hope this is okay to post but I’m almost 20 and don’t really have any any goals or a passion, I’m not great with school I tried it didn’t work. I was looking into joining the Army or Air Force, did a ton of research into both and was pretty excited to speak to a recruiter and see what happens. Well I did and no branch will take me bc of my medication I take for generalized anxiety (which is more of a formality now bc my anxiety is pretty much non existent now even if I forget to take my meds) and I’m just super bummed out. Like I understand not taking people bc of certain issues it’s very reasonable but I don’t kno I feel like this ain’t that bad. I was told there’s almost no chance for a waiver and I’d have to be off my meds for 16-36 months before I could even start the process and they still might not take me. Sorry that this is long winded and probably stupid but I’m just disappointed since it was something I was looking forward to, but immediately shot down. So now I’m back at square one which is having no idea what to do. Anyways yea, sorry for the long winded sob story pretty much.

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