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What do you think about the the Pentagon Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program and its conclusions ?

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If you didn’t know, Luis Elisondo was officially part of AATIP which was making research on aerospatial threats.

He is famous for his cnn interview about UFOs :

After leaving his post at the pentagon he joined a group of scientists making research on UFOs which was created by Tom DeLonge. He then explained what AATIP knew about UFOs

If you don’t want to watch the whole video I resume the 2 main points he said in this conference :

He said there are 2 main reasons why the subject of UFOs has been made secret and why disinformation was used :

- The US government fears a world war because of UFO tech. Apparently in contradiction with what conspiracists say UFOs never interact with people and never land but the US with extreme luck was able to recover high technology materials and weapons through a crash which occurred under some special circumstances. If Russia or China knew it, it could cause unbalance in power and create a world war 3 situation. The “ennemies” of US don’t know if UFOs are real but as they never succeeded to contact or to shut down a ufo, they don’t suspect the US. The us government used conspiracists and pop culture to create disinformation. Because of them no one would consider the UFO phenomenon as a reality. According to Elizondo the us government doesn’t know who and where do the beings controlling the UFOs come from and what’s their intentions. The unknown about those makes things more difficult. They don’t know where UFO and their technology are from. It’s not even perhaps ET in nature.

- Majority of senators don’t want to disclose the subject because of theological issues

Recently the pentagon invested into the organisation Elizondo is currently working for

What is weird is that some members of the pentagon said he is not telling shit. Do you think this ex pentagon member went rogue ? Or is this bullshit and he is doing disinformation ? Or is there any kind of truth behind this ?

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