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What is non-infrared night vision called?

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Not military related, but was hoping someone here may be able to help.

Was looking into buying a night vision device for my dad as a gift so he can see wildlife when walking around the hills at his cottage at night.

All the devices that I'm seeing in my price range of about $200, seem to be infrared (IR). I can't seem to find one which amplifies natural ambient light (from stars and such) and produces that greenish image. I don't know what the term for that technology is ... does anyone know? So I can Google for that kind of device.

The reason was looking into that is because of images that I saw on the internet, it seems that that technology shows more of the landscape/environment etc. Whereas in the IR one only the animal/wildlife seems to pop out and the landscape doesn't have as much definition.

Thanks a lot on advance!

PS, if my understanding above is wrong, and IR would be more suitable, please let me know.

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