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When not deployed, and stationed just on base, what exactly do officers do?

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I’m in Highschool, a freshman, to be exact, so I know I don’t belong here, but it is my dream to join the marines through the NROTC program. Specifically, I want to become an F-35 pilot. So, what exactly do officers (Marine Corps exactly, if you don’t know about them but another branch, I would still love the info) do when just stationed on base? I know they do a lot of paperwork, from what I’ve heard at least, but like what EXACTLY do they do? Specifically, what do aviator option officers do? Do they run exercises? I doubt they do every day, that seems absurdly expensive. Do they just do paperwork when not flying? It seems like a really fun path, but unfortunately it’s not like enlisted where you can search up a day in the life on YouTube and find 20,000 results. I would love to know more about the daily stuff that officers do and what aviators do, especially since they do other stuff than just flying. Thank you in advance!

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