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Which would be the best branch for Supply and Logistics?

Posted by /u/ShittyMomma2Goblins on

My 17 year old daughter is enlisting this coming summer. It will be between her Junior and Senior year of high school. Since 6th grade she has planned on going into the Air Force... however she recently came to me to tell me she’s thinking of joining the Army instead.

She is on her third year of JROTC in her high school... and all 3 years she has been S4. First as Assistant in freshman year, and has been Primary Sophomore and Junior year thus far. She absolutely LOVES doing it. She changed what her goal job would be last year after becoming Primary.

A bunch of recruiters came to talk to the cadets and now have her convinced that the Army would be a better option for her to do Supply. After thinking about it... it kinda made sense to me anyways. I’m planning on bringing her to speak to a recruiter in January with the Air Force, the Army, and possibly the Navy.

So my question for all of you is... do you know which branch WOULD be best for Supply and Logistics?

Thank you ALL!

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