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While we're wary of war in our current political climate. If war would ensue Objectively would grunts (11x, 03xx) be excited to go?

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Just as the question says. I remember my brother telling me his unit was anxious to cross the border into Iraq during OIF I. As well as one of my supervisors telling me when he was a combat engineer that after he spent his tour there he extended for more.

Being objective, garrison infantry is not what you guys enlisted to be 24/7.

I dont have the answer for this because of my 5 deployments(TDYs) since I'm air force only two have been actual in country outside the wire (a year with 2/22 and 6 months in West Africa.

So would actual conflict (actual, legitimate congressional declaration of war)ensue (barring of course nuclear chaos) would someone in here be excited to go?

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