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who would win? 1. Russia, China, Pakistan vs. 2. Rest of the world (excluding USA)

Posted by /u/Shlomo_Maistre on

Team A: Russia, China, Pakistan

Team B: The entire rest of the world combined (excluding the USA)


  1. No nukes
  2. This takes place today in 2019
  3. No alliances are honored that would violate the teams set above.
  4. The USA remains 100% neutral; the USA does not assist either side either with direct military action or economic/logistical help. The USA magically evacuates all its troops and ships and navy and air force from all locations they are in outside the USA in 1 hour at the start of this war.
  5. I know that this would never happen IRL for various reasons including diplomatic and political reasons; but please ignore the reality that this would never happen and just assume it happens for the sake of the hypothetical
  6. Turkey receives the S-400 from Russia and has the know-how to use it properly in time for this war
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