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Why dosent the US focus as much on MLRS as China and Russia?

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Doctorine or not, you really can't argue with 40 HE rockets heading your way. Yet besides a few systems. The US is much more focused on guided and traditional artilery. With few rocket systems. The US doctorine for warfare is clearly different from the Russian one and the US dosent tolerate as many potential casulties. Therefore when you hit something you have to make sure its destroyed. No matter the cost.

But wouldn't that drain on resources in a conventional war? Let's say in 2030 the US and China go to war, and the US dosent manage to get the advantage early on and the war drags on. Wouldnt that tank the US economy? Sorry for armchairing but seeing videos of hundreds of Russian MLRS sending thousands of rockets down range. You have to admit its impressive. Many argue that those systems are sitting ducks, and that BVR and pin point accuracy is the future. But all that is assuming the US has air superiority.

Do you see the US massproducing the HIMARS in the future?

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