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Why is it the same militaries that could produce new weapons in months during WWII now take over a decade?

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So in WWII new weapons from Aircraft to Tanks to Firearm were being designed, tested and produced within a matter of months. This is in a time before computer aided design and 3d printing were possible.

Compared to today's development processes that seem to take decades and can often end up over budget, cancelled or an attempt at a swiss army knife version of a bayonet (they try to be everything for everyone instead of a single tool for a single job).

It must be great for the designers, engineers and project managers as they get 10+ years out of a project compared to less than a year or a few months.

Is it that the weapon systems are just getting so complex today or that the political bureaucracy involved is?

And what happens when every nation can 3d print military drones/weapons and develop them in a matter of days?

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