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Why the USA is so obsessed with honoring soldiers?

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Spoiler Alert:

I think Veterans are not special... especially USA veterans (after Vietnam).

Ok, an opinion MANY will disagree with me cause you keep denaying the truth:

At this point of history, the USA is not fighting to protect their land... right now all the military branches are brainless invaders serving a bunch of horrible people playing chest with them to maintain the unfair situation in the world... that is the truth Americans cannot accept but is more than obvious for the rest of world.

And the problem I believe is because most of the citizens in this country think that the USA is the center of the universe... they truly believe the USA sustains the whole world and they fight for the right causes without having the smallest portion of empathy for other nations.

But let's get to the point:

This is why I just cannot understand how the USA is the country that honors most of its Veterans

To be fair, be a soldier in this country is pretty much the solution any loser that failed in life can take and the payment and benefits you obtain are pretty good... yes, you risk your life (fighting for the wrong causes) but compared to the people they fight with is like bringing a sword to a broken knife fight... what about Fire Fighters?, those are true heroes but nobody recognize them, not as ex-soldiers (mercenaries for me)...

I will never stand up for a murderer and clap to their asses.

The day the army actually fight to protect me and not to take and control other nations lands I will be grateful, also, is not like they don't get paid... everybody contributes to this society somehow and everybody receives a retribution for that and be a soldier is just another job YOU CHOOSE to do... a job with extremely high benefits for people that sucks producing for the society, that only know how to destroy and not how to create.

It gets me sick to see those videos of "soldiers coming back home" after directly or indirectly taking and ruining lives and the economy in so many other places of the world... how hypocrite we can be? How many "interventions" USA has done? dozens!... is like the world is USA military playground...

This song pretty much explains how stupid society is:

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