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Will Russia implement the agreements reached by the Normandy four?

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Will Russia implement the agreements reached by the Normandy four?

Though some inspiring results of meeting of Russian, German, French and Ukrainian leaders in Paris on Dec. 9, still there is a pending question, whether the parties can move on regarding the exchange of prisoners of war, separation of forces and ceasefire in Donbass.

The annual conference of the Russian president held on Dec.19 has caused a deep concern that Russia would follow the agreements, reached during the meeting of the Normandy four. In particular, Putin stated that Minsk agreements could not be revised, otherwise the situation “could reach a stalemate”.

The situation has been in an impasse for years, because Ukraine insists on taking control over the border, which is prescribed by Minsk agreements. But neither Russian Federation, nor so-called DPR/LPR are not ready for that.

One of the targets of Normandy talks was to reach a joint position on the border issue, but Putin strongly objects the possibility of compromise in this case. He stated he was “grabbed by the throat” to force leaders of so-called DPR/LPR to sign Minsk agreements, and now these agreement are suggested to be reviewed.

The position of Kremlin towards the results of Normandy talks is illustrated by the statement of Putin that “there are no foreign military troops in Donbass” and his explanation about the source of weapons and ammunition of militants there: “in many the flashpoints around the world there are conflicts and war actions. Besides, with use of tanks, artillery etc. Where do they get it all from? It supposed to be the structures and countries, sympathizing them”.

Even a boy scout can figure out which country sympathizes the militants of “DPR/LPR”. How separatist republics could receive tanks, armored troop carriers, MLRSs, electronic warfare systems, advanced radio transceivers, anti-aircraft missiles and many other military ammunition which are produced only in Russia and has never been exported to any other country. These weapons and ammunition are supplied to the militants through the parts of Russian-Ukrainian border being out of control of Ukrainian government. That is why the question who is a part to the conflict becomes rhetorical one.

But what are the “structures”, sympathizing the militants? This euphemism may mean FSB, the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, different “supervisors” and “volunteers” from the Russian federation, which provide administrative support and financial assistance to “puppet republics DPR/LPR”. Besides, the representatives of these “structures” come to Ukraine through the part of border being out of control of Ukraine. At the same time, “Steinmeier formula”, which Russia insists to implement, includes the requirement of full withdrawal of all illegal military troops, their military hardware, as well as militants and mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine. Why Russia does not implement what it is demanded from Ukraine?

If Putin does not want Ukrainian border to be closed and to be under control of Ukraine, there is only one conclusion: Russia is going to “sympathize” militants, providing them with weapons, money and military advisers to continue aggression against Ukraine.

That is why the Russian leader’s statement about the need for Kiev to “keep up dialogue with Donbass” sounds extremely cynical. Taking into account the provided arguments it becomes absolutely clear that such negotiations have no sense at all, because militants and leader of “DPR/LPR” are under full control of Kremlin. It seems that Russia has no plans to implement even those agreements, that were reached during the Normandy format meeting.

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