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Will This Disqualify Me From Enlisting?

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I was in a very severe car accident recently and spent about a month in ICU. Half of that time I was in a medically induced coma. Days after waking from my coma I was extremely out of my mind. I had sustained 10 broken ribs and many other horrible internal injuries. So as you can imagine, once I awoke I was under the influence of very serious painkillers, ketamine, morphine and lot of other hard drugs. While in the hospital I told a nurse that I had done acid. This was a lie, but at the time I truly believed I had taken acid. I also had mentioned that I did meth to this same nurse, because I deluded that I had been given meth in the hospital! I was bonkers. I even hallucinated, and genuinely believed, that I had walked to burger king despite not being able to get out of my ICU hospital bed for days. I had many totally insane delusions. Now, on my medical records it says that I “stated” that I have used acid and meth in the past year. It also says that my substance abuse status is: “active abuser.” I would like to try and get this removed, but if I can’t, would this ruin my chances of getting into the military?

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