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Would a Gadsden parody sticker be offensive?

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Hello all and thank you for protecting my liberty!

I recently purchased a new laptop and I would like to decorate it with stickers just to personalize it and remind myself that professionalism is kinda boring.

Anyway, I came across a sticker that has a rough drawing of the Gadsden flag snake and the words "Don't step on snek" under it. I found it to be really funny and would like to use it.

Thing is, I'm new to the country and I'm not very well versed on personal sentiments regarding certain things (recently found out it's taboo to criticize Israel). I looked up the history of the flag and saw that it has military roots. I also found that it's recently been adopted by far-right and supremacist groups. Now I'm very liberal but I think the parodic nature of the decal would signal to people that I'm not a racist and I'm actually making fun of the flag. With regards to how racists might take it, well I don't really care.

What I do care about, however, is how actual patriots might take it. You know, people who walk the talk and actually actively protect the country. So I'd like to know what might be your thoughts on this. I understand the military is a diverse group of people and there might not be a consensus on whether or not the Gadsden flag is to be respected, but I don't actually know any person in the military so I figured I'd reach out to y'all.

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