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Review: My Military Dad Does Things A Little Different Children's Book

Posted by Julio Medina on

Review: My Military Dad Does Things A Little Different Children's Book

My Military Dad Does Things A Little Different
Unless you have been hiding under a bunker somewhere in the northern tier with no connection to the military and veterans of today, you have heard of or know of Article 15 Clothing. This book is written by  Vincent "Rocco" Vargas and the Article 15 Crew

If you are a military dad or veteran with young children, this was written FOR YOU and with that being said we consider it a must have. The book is light hearted and funny and you will enjoy reading it yourself and most importantly, reading it to your children.  

In fact while listening to a podcast, I heard Rocco actually say that they launched the A15 Publishing arm of their company as a platform to help encourage men to sit down and read to their children. Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds and yes, if you are a dad and you are feeling the slightest conviction about reading to your kids, or reading MORE to your kids, this book is a great place to start or pick up the slack on where you left off. 

This review is not meant to be a soapbox on parenting. (there should be no such thing) Let's keep it real here for a second, you can only take so much of reading or even watching Frozen to your little girl before you catch yourself singing Let It Go, Let it Go....Can't hold it back anymore! (Sorry, not sorry for getting that stuck in your head if it happens.) All that to say, it's refreshing to get a relevant subject that you will enjoy as a dad to read to your kids. 

You can actually head over to Amazon and get a quick sneak peek inside the book here:

There is no need to turn this post into a book, so with that being said, if you're a military dad or you know a military dad...get this book. Our only complaint is that we want more! Which I think they will be working on soon. 

What do you think?