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70 years later, no stopping the U.S. Air Force

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The United States Air Force turns 70 years old today! At that age, the Air Force is the youngest branch in our military. After World War II, it became apparent that the U.S. needed a separate branch in the skies, and the Air Force was thus born out of the U.S. Army.

The Air Force finds its roots at the beginning of the 20th century, as air travel was just being developed. World War I brought more focus on aviation and aerial fighting. Just a few short years saw the equipment and troop numbers in Air Corps vastly increase. In 1914, the 1st Aero Squadron was made up of 12 officers, 54 enlisted men and just six aircraft. By 1945, U.S. Army air forces totaled over 2 million men and women with 63,715 aircraft. World War II would cement the importance of airpower and drive the creation of the new branch.

Since then, Airmen have played a vital role in major U.S. conflicts all over the world, including the Global War on Terror to this day. The Air Force continues to lead the way in technology and innovation in the skies.

Now boasting nearly 320,000 active duty members, there is no denying the drive and dedication of the U.S. Air Force. Happy birthday!

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