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Celebrating Military Spouses Appreciation Day

Posted by Concerned Veterans for America on

The members of our military make sacrifices each and every day. They assume a lifestyle that puts service first, they move all over the world, they deploy to dangerous battlefields, and they put their lives in harm’s way for our protection. As a nation we recognize these sacrifices on a regular basis through military holidays, giving to a veterans’ charity, or standing in honor at baseball game. But the less often recognized sacrifices come from spouses of the military – the husbands and wives that married into the lifestyle but still assume the sacrifices themselves.

Military Spouses Appreciation Day reminds us that for most members of the military, there is a force behind them that supports the time away from home, the injuries, and the lifestyle changes. Many veterans and military members attribute their ability to do their job to their husband or wife. Knowing your support system is strong is invaluable.

So today we are thankful to those who love our troops. Thank you to those who live on base, who wait at home during deployment, those who care for injuries, and those who simply support the fight for freedom.

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