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CEO of ‘Zero Star’ Charity and VA Employee Will Retire With Full Benefits

Posted by Emilye Bell on

Early this summer, Charity Navigator gave the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation (NVVF) zero out of four stars after review found less than two percent of donations were going to veterans and actual charity. After four years of raising more than $29 million, just about half a million was spent on what it was actually raised for. The CEO and founder of National Vietnam Veterans Foundation is a VA employee, one who just so happens to drive a Rolls Royce.

Thomas Burch was running NVVF while he was also working as an attorney for the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA apparently didn’t know he was working in both capacities until CNN broke the story. Both an internal investigation and an investigation by the New York attorney general’s office “found Burch personally benefitting from donation.” At that point the firing process began for Burch.

However, CNN reports that Burch will be “allowed to retire with full government benefits” – pension and health care. To be clear, the VA lawyer who is allowed to retire with full benefits has been accused of “using donation funds to spend lavishly on travel, a yearly salary and other personal benefits, including a severance package the charity awarded him when he stepped down” in addition to accusations of “payments to women, as well as hotel and nightclubs.”

This leads one to wonder what decisions Burch was making in his capacity as VA attorney.

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