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Happy Birthday, Secretary Mattis

Posted by Concerned Veterans for America on

Today is our Secretary of Defense’s birthday! Secretary James Mattis took on running the Department of Defense as part of the Trump administration, but he lived a lifetime of service to his nation as a Marine before taking that office.

General Mattis spent more than 40 years in the Marine Corps, earning the respect and loyalty all those serving around him. He has the reputation of a brilliant military mind as well as an intellectual. His patriotism, passion for the armed forces, and leadership abilities made him an excellence choice to run the Department of Defense.

Mattis has brought his dedication to efficiency and effectiveness with him to the Pentagon, searching for the best ways to improve and strengthen the military. He’s stressed the toll that continual irresponsibility with money takes on military readiness and its impact on the future of our country. He’s specifically identified that the national debt is the greatest security threat that we as a nation face. In a thoughtful and forward-thinking statement before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Mattis declared, “I consider it an abrogation of our generation’s responsibility to transfer a debt of this size to our children.”

Inefficient and wasteful spending creates a bleak future and damages our military capabilities, and great military leaders like Secretary Mattis have stressed the need for reform again and again. There’s no doubt that Mattis will continue to call for changes and accountability at the Department of Defense while building a stronger military and keeping America safe.

For all his dedication and work we say thank you, Secretary Mattis, and happy birthday!

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