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Honor Gold Star Spouses Today

Posted by Concerned Veterans for America on

Military sacrifice doesn’t just come by way of the men and women in uniform. The families of our service members play a unique and difficult role in the military community. They move around the country or world, they wait at home during deployment, and provide physical and emotional support afterwards. In the worst of circumstances, some are left behind when their service members make the ultimate sacrifice.

Gold Star Spouses Day is a chance to recognize the husbands and wives of service members who lost their lives defending the nation. Their spouses bore the battle alongside them, and remain here as a testament to their sacrifice and bravery. These are the men and women who have made sacrifices few can image, and sacrificed for an oath they didn’t take but were willing to support.

Today we recognize and thank the men and women who survive the ultimate sacrifice, and who live on as reminders of the cost of freedom.

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