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#VAFail – Here’s an Update on the Aurora, Colorado VA

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The Rocky Mountain Regional Medical Center opened less than two months ago, and it already has issues with medical equipment.

The Aurora, Colo., facility is unable to use the main dialysis system installed in the hospital. 9 News reports that the system is offline and patients are being treated with portable dialysis machines used for out-patient care.

Hospital staff is working to fix the problem with the main dialysis system now, testing to ensure that water-quality levels meet proper standards for dialysis. The hospital says patient treatment hasn’t been disrupted. But while the portable machines fill the gaps until the main dialysis system is fixed, the fact that it’s not working properly is concerning.

The Rocky Mountain Regional Medical Center has been the poster child for poor management and government waste for years. Building this new facility cost the Department of Veterans Affairs a billion dollars more than originally estimated and was five years behind schedule.

What did that time and money buy? A facility twice as big but with fewer beds and primary care teams. In January, reports said the older Denver VA hospital being replaced by Rocky Mountain will have to stay open for a few years to supplement the new facility’s shortcomings.

Reports of poorly functioning equipment are just icing on the mismanagement cake that is the Aurora VA. This facility remains one of the most shocking examples of waste, fraud and abuse the VA has to offer.

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