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KCCO - Coastie On

KCCO - Coastie On


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Morale Patch Armory's Description:

Keep Calm and Coastie On!


The KCCO patch is here and it's loved by all Coasties! Get yours now and tell your buddies about it.  10% of every patch sale will be donated to CGTLEA - Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Emergency Assistance Fund


The Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Foundation has worked with multiple Commands to assist families facing the tragic death or injury of the service member or an immediate family member. Through the Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF), the Foundation provides immediate financial support to help fund travel costs, lodging, living expenses, funeral arrangements, and other items that are frequently not eligible through traditional government funded support services.


Morale Patch Armory Specs
Material: Embroidered
Size: 3"x 2"

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