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Morale Patch Armory is honored to have been featured on many places around the web.  Below you can find some of them and more information on about our Press and Media coverage. 

PRESS Coverage

Morale Patch Armory

Taking action on your idea no matter what the outcome is, to me is true success. Even when the outcome might be what you anticipated or worse, failure. You never know till you try. Period.

- Julio Medina

What People Say About Us

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Morale Patch Armory Interview

"What a fun company! Great Products and Veteran Owned."

Kim Rowley

Nora Gouma interview with Julio Medina

"This company loves it's customers and there is no doubt about it."

Nora Gouma 

As Seen on...

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Incredible Things

Morale Patch Armory Announces Launch

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Read the book: the history of morale patches

History of Morale Patches

A brief history of Morale Patches and their use and origin. Morale Patches® come is all different shapes and sizes. These tactical patches even range in the materials used to make them. Such as, PVC Patches, Embroidered Patches and IR Patches. This is just a quick history lesson on where Morale Patches come from.

Morale Patch Armory