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Let Congress and DoD Know What You Think

Posted by Colin Clark on

Dear Readers,

Your informed views are one of the key tools you and we have in driving the debate about what America’s military should look like, what our strategy should be and what weapons we need — and don’t need. To ensure you get the best shot at offering your views and protecting your identity we’ve built in a new comment tool this week called Disqus. It lets you sign on and comment using a wide range of tools, including Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and others so you can speak your mind easily and quickly.

These comments make a difference. The Pentagon reads them. I know from more than half a dozen examples that readers comments to stories of mine have helped change military decisions.

Tell Congress, the Pentagon and industry what you think. It’s your right. And they don’t have to know your name…

The Editor.

We look forward to hearing from you. (FYI — I’ve used my Twitter account to sign in to post several replies to comments. Very easy.)

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